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7. Fights oxidation of fats in your blood vessels and protects your body from dangerous free-radicals.

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Now, thanks to a new breakthrough discovery by a Harvard University doctor, you can LOOK and FEEL 10 to 20 years YOUNGER than you do
right now!

  Watch the recent interview that Barbara Walters did with Dr. David
  Sinclair, the Harvard researcher credited with this astonishing new

Barbara Walters Resveratrol

Dear Friend,

Before you accept weight-gain as just a "normal part of aging"...

...before you chalk-up loss of energy to "getting older"...

...and before you decide that your loss of muscle tone, joint pain, and wrinkled skin are unavoidable consequences of aging...

...take the next 4 minutes to watch this ABC News video clip!

It will reveal to you a...

Startling Anti-Aging Discovery
That Can Change Your Life Forever!

Now, for the first time ever, Harvard University researchers have discovered a remarkable natural anti-aging compound available NOW... that has been shown to slow down the aging process and let you look, feel and even grow younger!

On a recent Barbara Walters Special on ABC News, Dr. David Sinclair explained how resveratrol, the miraculous compound in red wine, not only slows down the aging process, but can actually extend your lifespan, reduce wrinkles, increase energy and vitality and even help you lose weight.

And the best part is, you can now get all of these life-changing benefits...

Resvie Resveratrol
All in One Convenient Capsule!

It's called ResVie™ and it contains the purest, most potent and scientifically documented resveratrol extract available anywhere. And unlike other resveratrol supplements, ResVie uses only the highest quality resveratrol extract available.

Studies have shown that you would need to drink 1,000 bottles of red wine a day to get enough Resveratrol to be effective. Now you can get the same resveratrol that you would get in 1,000 bottles of red wine in a single daily dose of ResVie™. Yes the concentrated power of ResVie is nothing short of amazing!

In a moment, I’ll explain how you can "test drive" new ResVie™ RISK-FREE for 15-days, and experience the life-changing health benefits for yourself. But first let me explain the science behind it...


claims highly respected Harvard researcher”

Harvard Medical scientist

Recent studies at Harvard Medical School and the Institute of Genetics and Molecular Biology have sent shockwaves through the "medical establishment."

Researchers at Harvard have found that resveratrol, a natural compound found in the skin of red grapes and hence in red wine, may RADICALLY REDUCE the risk of not only heart disease but also of dozens of other age related illnesses such as Alzheimer's, high cholesterol and even cancer.

"It's the Holy Grail of aging research."

Meet the doctor who introduced the world to Resveratrol…

Dr. David SinclairDr. David Sinclair's breakthrough discovery of resveratrol's remarkable anti-aging benefits has sent shockwaves through the entire "medical establishment." Since his groundbreaking research went public, Dr. Sinclair has been featured on just about every major news show on TV including 60-Minutes, ABC News' Barbara Walter's Special, and dozens of others.

Dr. Sinclair is a professor of pathology at Harvard Medical School and the director of the Glenn Laboratories for the Biological Mechanisms of Aging at Harvard Medical School.

AwardDr. Sinclair is renowned for his investigations into how we grow old. Dr. Sinclair has authored over 40 peer-reviewed scientific publications, including several seminal papers in Nature, Cell and Science. He has received numerous awards and honors for his research.

And that's not all. In test-tube studies, resveratrol has also been shown to keep estrogen from causing breast cancer through a unique mechanism that destroys dangerous estrogen metabolites.

Even more astounding... resveratrol has been shown to PROLONG LIFE SPANS by as much as 30% longer and improve health in virtually all labratory tests conducted so far.

How does it work? Scientists have known that calorie restriction (CR) has profound anti-aging effects. In fact, more than 1,000 studies dating back 70 years have shown that eating less (reducing calorie intake) retards the aging process and boosts health in a wide variety of laboratory tests.

Dr. Sinclair and his collegues have discovered that resveratrol mimics calorie restriction (CR) and slows the aging of cardiovascular disease, cataracs, diabetes and much more!

So what does this unprecedented new medical discovery mean to you? Simply this...

• If you'd like to have MORE energy, vitality and pep than you've EVER had before while reducing your risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke and other ills...

• If you'd like to ERASE the telltale signs of aging so you look AND feel, 10 to 20 years younger than you do right now...

• If you'd like to have younger, more radiant looking skin than you have now...

• If you'd like to look, feel and even grow younger...

Then you'll want to try ResVie and experience these life-changing results for yourself, without risk. It will truly change your life!

How To Harness The GREATEST AGE-REVERSING DISCOVERY of the last 100 years!

If you want to look 10 to 20 years YOUNGER than you do now... and be fit, firm and looking fabulous no matter what your age is, without resorting to tummy tucks, face-lifts, plastic surgery or strict diets... then you owe it to yourself to take advantage of this FREE opportunity to try out ResVie!

Don't miss out on this FREE opportunity to see how easy it can be to look and feel younger – no matter what your age! Take advantage of this limited time offer NOW!

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Helps your whole body look and feel

Years Younger

Happy couple

“I haven't jogged in years. Now I jog regularly and have lost a ton of weight”*

“My sister gave me ResVie and running shoes for my birthday because she wanted to help me get healthy. I chose the easier option and started taking ResVie. To my suprise, I had enough energy to go for a jog. I haven't jogged in years! Now I jog regularly and have lost a ton of weight. It's great to feel this young againg.”

—Kevin Torrone, OR

“My husband has lost 10 pounds and I've lost 6!”*

I don't drink so this product is simply terrific. My husband and I have been taking ResVie for about 2 months now. He's lost 10 pounds and I've lost 6, even through all the holiday meals and celebrations. I feel more energized and just alive! It's remarkable.”

—Jacqueline Roth, IL

*Individual results may vary.

Imagine looking and feeling years YOUNGER, healthier and more ATTRACTIVE. Imagine having an increased sense of well-being, ENERGY and VITALITY, while enjoying a whole new level of vibrant health, one that you never dreamed possible!

And perhaps most important of all, finally feeling like you are in control of your own health and vitality, instead of being a helpless victim of the aging process!

What's more, you'll be able to take ResVie™ with absolute confidence because this technology has been PROVEN SAFE and EFFECTIVE by scores of medical experts and leading scientists worldwide.

I'd like to invte you to actually try this remarkable all-natural anti-aging supplement RISK-FREE.

That way you can experience ResVie™ for yourself before making any decisions. I want you to actually enjoy all the positively exciting and life-enhancing health benefits this product will bring you, completely free of any risk or obligation.

And when you try ResVie™, I want you to be relentlessly demanding:

GUARANTEE #1. You'll feel it working in 7 days, from the incredible energy boost you get. If you don't feel that immediate power surge, it's FREE...

GUARANTEE #2. You'll know it's working a few weeks from now, by an overall feeling of youthful vitality that you haven't felt in years. If you’re not thrilled by what you feel, it's FREE...

GUARANTEE #3. You'll feel as though your vitality, stamina and well-being have been totally reinvigorated. If you don't, it's FREE…

Fair enough? So please feel free to RSVP during this limited-time 15-day introductory period. Don't delay.

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Yours for healthier living,


Stephen Halverson

P.S. Remember, you can try ResVie™ risk-free for 15-days, but only if you act NOW. This is a limited time free trial offer. To avoid the dissapointment of missing out on this free trial offer, take action today by clicking here now.


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